Happy is Hard

It’s hard to stay the course and true North when a Category 5 hurricane hits home! Let’s call it Mother. I’m bobbing and weaving, bobbing and weaving. Avoiding landmines in the living room and booby traps at the dinner table… And as if that weren’t hard enough, I started a whole body detox? Stupid stupid stupid! The first day was a brute. I am craving Mexican Coca Cola – you know the one with real sugar. I smell bread baking even at the gas station. Last night I dreamt I was stuck in a Cadbury Egg and had to eat my way out of the yummy creamy center and then karate kick the milk chocolate shell to escape. I am woozy, sluggish and foggy. I am told this will only last a couple of days and that I should not make any major decision during this time… Gee I wonder why? Also I am grouchy and grumpy and HUNGRY! I am drinking plenty so I am not actually hungry- but I want to bite into something. Thank God I’m not in Vegas near a hundred All-You-Can-Eat buffets. Right now I’m working in my office and smell bar-b-que ribs and feel the need to give up all my possessions and follow Shane Claiborne in The Simple Way. He lives in Philadelphia and is pretty awesome. The Simple Way is that the road to Happy? I would give up everything; except for my kids, by birds and my love, and my iPhone, and my “baby pillow”, oh and my clogs. But that’s it, everything else would go. Is that Surviving Happy? Wait wait! No major decisions. These are the toxins talking. Lets circle back after the detox thing maybe it will actually clear my mind and I might actually see the world through rhinestone framed, rose colored glasses. Stranger things have happened- think of the Chupacabra…  Shane's Short Intro from The Simple Way on Vimeo.


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