Happy Mother's Day: Celebrate You Today

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Happy Mother's Day!

I hope that you have already been lavished with well-wishes and kisses, with phone calls and cards, with breakfast and love in the form of things to touch and unwrap. I hope that you are feeling honored and blessed, loved and cherished, important and necessary. I hope you are able to accept all of that with all of who you are.


But I know that for many of us, for all of our wide and varied reasons, Mother's Day bumps into who we are with friction, makes us rethink and relive bits and pieces of our experience that, perhaps, aren't always easy or welcome. Maybe you haven't been cherished this morning; your phone didn't ring, no one brought you breakfast in bed. You're feeling the sting of the humanity around you.

I know.


I challenge all moms today to celebrate yourselves. All moms. Whether your children are still in your womb or out living lives of their own. Whether you got a card or a phone call or a flower or a messy handprint craft or nothing at all. Whether anyone wished you a happy day or not. Today, I want you to recognize that your motherhood is a gift in and of itself, whether anyone chooses to recognize and celebrate it with and for you. Whether you have been forgotten in your journey, in your losses, in your struggles, in your own heart.

Happy Mother's Day
Credit: dana_moos.

Today I want you to love yourself a little more. Today I want you to let go of the hurt, the pain, the difficulties of mothering, of having a mother, of being a daughter, of wanting to be a mother, of never being enough as a mother. Let it all go.

And celebrate yourself. You have earned it.

Happy Mother's Day, from one mother who chooses -- today -- to accept the beauty in the whole of this journey.


Family/Moms & Events Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog.


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