Happy Mother's Day to the Special Needs Mother

Happy Mother's Day to the Mother who may never have heard her child say "I love you". Happy Mother's Day for the mother who's child is physically incapable of buying a card, or who doesn't have the mental capacity to understand what today is about. Happy Mother's Day to the Mothers who won't get to relax and rest today, because they don't get to relax and rest ever. 

One of the hardest thing about raising a child with special needs is the isolation it causes even when I am in the midst of friends of family. You see, nobody around me understands what being a Mother is like FOR ME. I hear you complain about the amount of birthday parties you have to bring your child to this weekend, and I hear you boast about how well your child is doing at school, and I am happy for you, I really am. But can you share my frustration when I have had to bring my child to what feels like a million therapy appointments for the week? Can you be happy with me when I am happy that my seven year old didn't eat his clothes today? Or that he didn't go into a full blown meltdown when he heard an ambulance siren, or that he ate food that wasn't brown?

Its obvious that being the Mother of a child with Special Needs is a totally different journey, and for that reason, today is a completely different celebration for us too. Today, you might not get any respite from your role, and so its important that you take a moment to reflect on the amazing job that you do. I see you. I see you and I celebrate you. I admire your hard work, your selflessness and your tenacity. 

To the Mother's of children with Special Needs, I wish you a very happy Mothers Day.