Happy New Year!

Here it is New Years Eve – Thomas and I are at home watching movies and spending the last of the holiday together.  Tomorrow is the New Year!  2013 already – again I wonder where does the time go?  It just speeds by so fast!!

This year has been one of many changes – my son turned 18, graduated from high school and went through Army boot camp.  All things that I as a mom have had to deal with knowing that this means my baby has grown up into a man.  He is very proud of his new job and takes it pretty seriously.  I can not be more proud of him that is for sure. 

I have started this blog this year.  I have also unlocked the part in me that has made my weight loss journey a failure up to now- since I have started reading Made to Crave I am confident that this will be the last time I have to deal with this weight issue.  Once I get this walked out and have lost every pound I believe that I will have made the life changes necessary that I won’t ever be in this place again.  I did get weighed on Saturday and

I did gain 1 pound.  I am not even concerned about that- I knew I would gain- I have been enjoying the time with Thomas and have not paid much attention to tracking points and I did not do one minute of exercise that week.  The weight is coming off- I am not going to obsess about what might have come back on for this short time.  This week I am still focused on Thomas and our time together but we are going to spend more time exercising and getting him ready to go back to FortJacksonand for me to loose this one pound again and to loose more weight as well.  The weight is coming off – that is part of what 2013 will hold!   

This year is also the year my book has become more than just a dream.  I now have an outline and am working on fleshing that out. Turning it into something to read rather than just checking off my idea list.  

These are the significant things that have happened- God has provided all my needs as he promised.  My car is still running and I have moved into the cutest little rent house ever.  My bills are current and I was able to take a vacation to see Thomas graduate from high school as well as my latest adventure toSouth Carolinafor Boot Camp graduation.  

Philippians 3:13-14 (ASV)

13 Brethren, I count not myself yet to have laid hold: but one thing I do, forgetting the things which are behind, and stretching forward to the things which are before,

14 I press on toward the goal unto the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

 This is the year that I was able to let go of the past and look forward to the future with both eyes and hold on tightly with both hands!  This is the year I have heard from God and He showed me my whole purpose in being here!  This is the year that I stepped out in faith and know that God will show me how to fly!!   This year I decided to really stand on scripture and know that God can not lie and that He wants only good for me - This blog was the beginning of me being obedient to God’s calling!

 Psalm 118:17-20 (MSG)

17-20 I didn’t die. I lived! And now I’m telling the world what God did. God tested me, he pushed me hard,     but he didn’t hand me over to Death. Swing wide the city gates—the righteous gates!     I’ll walk right through and thank God! ThisTempleGate belongs to God, so the victors can enter and praise.

 These are the verses that God showed me when I was fasting in January this year. I had asked what my purpose was – and these are the verses he showed me.  I already knew from a previous fast that I was to share my talents to help others. And I also knew I was supposed to share what I have learned while walking in the valley – so this blog was my first attempt at sharing what I have learned.  And it has turned out to be so much more for me.  I am now also being held accountable by all that read this with my weight loss journey and to make sure I am not just talking – that I am really walking the walk as well.

 So what does 2013 hold for me?  Well tomorrow we will see- but for today what kind of resolutions are you making?  Do you even make resolutions any more?    

 I am making resolutions this year- I will go first then you tell me yours! 

I want to make this year more of God and less of me.  I want to focus more on the Father and his word.  Get more scripture memorized and deep in my heart so when life squeezes me that scripture comes out and there is no room for anything else!  I am going back to a fasting life style.  The years I have fasted at certain times during the year I seem more focused and feel closer to our Father.  Not just in January but also during different times of the year.   

 I want to be a part of the women’s ministry at my church.  The Pastor’s wife Sarah has made some changes in this department and it has turned out to be very positive.  This Sunday for instance- PastorChadcalled out and had people come down for prayer and there were several women in the line being freed from a number of things.  When Pastor asked the women of the church to come and stand behind those being prayed over and to join with them in praising God for their freedom the women of the church all flocked to the front! I was just amazed – actually I was rooted to the spot I was standing in I could not seem to move to go up to pray with some of the women.  It was a sight that made my heart sing to see the women of the church have bonded in such a way that we are now able to share each others pain and joy as well.  To see some of the women were hugging each other so tightly and were intent on praying together.  We are a hands raised, tongue talking kind of church and we are not afraid to allow the Holy Spirit to come in and do his work and this last Sunday was no different. You could feel him moving in the room and to see the women working together for each other was just awesome! And I think we can thank Sarah for that- she is encouraging us to not be so intent on our own clique but to branch out and to get to know the other women in the church as well and be open to sharing with them.  I appreciate that and want to make that a bigger part of my walk and my relationship with the church. 

 There are a few other things that are pretty personal and I won’t share them here but know that this is the year of the weight loss!  This is the year that I get down to a more reasonable size and that weight watchers is still my new life style and that I will be able to say thank you Jesus for all the pounds that have been lost! 

So now what are your resolutions?  Share with me what you want to happen in 2013! I wish you a happy new year and blessings on your new year as well! 

I am praying for you!

Miss Wanda 


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