Happy New Year (I hope!!)

The first day of the new year.  A blank canvas looked upon with hope and faith that it will be a better year than 2013 was for my family.  I actually felt different this morning when I came downstairs after sleeping in like a lazy old bear.  The sense  of a new era was in the Manorand the absolute feeling that last year was firmly in the past.

I have always heard that you should do on New Year's Day the things you want to do all year long.  So off we went today, indulging my superstitious self.  I took my Mom to the store, spending time with her this morning.  The Spouse and I had lunch out together today and we shopped for gardening supplies.  I made a paint purchase in the art supply store and came home to dabble some color on a canvas.  Potted a young plant and prepped some pots for spring planting. 

Now my collards and black-eyed peas are simmering on the range and the cornbread is ready to be mixed and baked.  A good fire going in the stone fireplace and I am ready to get some serious chilling time this evening. 

So far, so good......

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