Happy New Year: Resolution Central

Every year I make resolutions. Most years I can make it about 4 months into the year before I throw in the towel. They are your standard variety resolutions such as lose weight, stop biting my nails, grow my hair long, etc etc. 

I set myself 2 goals for the New Year. One seemingly simple and the other which will take practice and balance. First,  I set in my mind I would get our Christmas tree down on the 1st, (sigh) there it stands accusingly this morning while I write and drink my coffee. So, it's lights will shine one more day before I "brow beat" my kids into helping me get all the lights and ornaments back into their boxes. 

My second resolution was prompted in part by all the hype regarding 2012. I'm in the camp of no one knows..did the Mayans even predict their own demise? It does however get me thinking about life and how we face it from day to day. Not a single one of us knows how much time we have left on this planet. My Resolution you ask?  To live like this is my last year on the planet. I'll be asking myself: Do I really want to do this...say this... watch this..live this etc. We should live like everyday its our last/ we don't really know how many sands are in our hour glass.

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