Happy Parents?

I’ve heard some interesting truths about happiness lately.  Particularly, happiness in relation to parenting. 


Parenthood magazine recently reported that 53% of moms are satisfied with the state of their mental and emotional health.


Only 53% are simply “satisfied.” 


I had heard of the statistic before that says people with children are NOT more likely to be happy than people without children.  But, I had not yet heard about this:


On an Oprah show about happiness, it was shared that parents report the most happiness when their children turn 18.  When children turn 18, then happiness finally exceeds those of people who do not have children. 


Fifteen years to go for me, people!  How many for you?


Of course I’m not waiting fifteen years to be happy – there is MUCH happiness now!  It takes a trained eye to notice it though and give it appreciation. 


What I find important about these studies is that people should not assume that just having a child will make them happier.  It is hard work.  HARD. 


Yet, even the most stressed, harried, sleep deprived, and I’ve-HAD-IT-up-to-here parent will tell you that at the end of the day, when the monster is finally sleeping, you love the little booger with all your heart and you cannot stop from smiling just thinking of him.


Happy?  Sometimes.  Tired?  Yes.  Worth it?  Definitely. 





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