Happy Parent's Day

I just wanted to take this opportunity to offer my sincere Happy Father’s day wishes to all you guys out there. 

I think that one element of father’s day that sometimes goes unnoticed is that it isn’t just dads that should be celebrated. There should be a pause for thought for all the mums out there who play both roles for their children. Without these mums there would be some under privileged little boys and girls, this could also be said for dads playing both roles before anyone takes exception to my comment!

There are of course those dads who do not deserve a day to be named after them too. These are the dads that choose not to get involved in their children's lives, the ones who should not receive any merit for their child's development. These are the daddy's that deprive their children a loving father that they deserve and do not bat an eyelid about. To all you absent dads out there if you are reading, then I do not salute you, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you for missing out on something beautiful and something that you will never get back. I am pretty sure that you will also regret it, probably when it is too late and when they no longer love you or need you.

I think that father’s day means so much more than just celebrating with your family with new socks or sweaters. Father’s day to me means thinking about my own dad who isn’t here anymore, like it is for many people I imagine. My dad wasn't around much either, something that he regretted later on. It also means sparing a thought for the fathers who are not able to spend time with their kids due to custody decisions, or for dads that simply do not know where their kids are. For those dads I say, keep fighting and stay strong.

For these reasons I do not like the term father’s day or mother’s day too much. Maybe there should be a parent’s day instead? I much prefer that term as it covers everyone, what do you think?

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