Happy Passover: Savory and Spicy Matzo Brei Recipe


Eat Your Matzo ~ Savory and Spicy Matzo Brei Passover Recipe

Happy Passover!  I have been bread, pasta, and cake free for the last three days.  I even passed on a basket of bread and cookies at dinner last night.  Staying strong!

One of my favorite culinary Passover traditions is matzo brei: pieces of broken-up matzo mixed with eggs and fried up in oil as little cakes.  I grew up eating this deliciousness on a regular basis (not just for Passover), usually on Sunday mornings, as prepared by my Dad.  His matzo brei was always particularly crisp, salty, and impossible to resist.

This weekend, as a replacement for traditional Sunday crepes, I prepared a batch of Savory and Spicy Passover Matzo Brei.

Continue reading for the full recipe and step-by-step photo directions.


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