Happy Post Labor Day Tuesday

Okay I know that other people have had the same feeling as me. Going back to work after 10 days of bliss forgetting about work. When other people take vacation or a long holiday weekend at the same time as me it seems that everyone slides back into work in a dream mode. What is really bad is when you're the only one who has taken vacation and you come back and people are beating down your door and looking wild in the eyes "We are sooooo glad you are back!!! We need your help. You are the only person who can solve this problem. We have been waiting for you." In this day of high employment rates that kind of need should be welcomed right? Today was a great day coming back to work. I was pleasant to people on the phone. People asked if I had a nice time off of work. Today I loved my job and my patients and my co-workers. That first day back is either heaven or hell. Lucky for me, today was heaven. Tomorrow? who knows. Labor Day celebration of the American worker, to get the American paycheck to be the American consumer. What a cycle. What a country.


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