Happy Pugsgiving

Last week I talked about what I am thankful for. So on this Thanksgiving Eve, the pugs wanted to share what they are thankful for this year.
First up - what Bowie is thankful for -
Peanut butter -

 My favorite ball -

 Clean, warm laundry to lay on -

 Sniffs of mom's food -

What about Rosie? We adopted her a little over a year ago so this is her second Thanksgiving with us. Looks like she had a pretty crappy life before us, so she is thankful for a lot -
Car rides -

 Sunbathing -

A big brother to annoy -

 Now, both of the pugs - love places to snooze, especially the human pillows -

 But most of all, I think they are thankful for each other and their humans -

The pugs are very excited for Pugsgiving. They are hoping that the humans will be careless and drop lots of food.
Everyone have an awesome Thanksgiving! Wear stretchy waistband pants and eat lots of tastiness!
 photo Shape3copycopycopy.jpg photo Layer1-1.jpg photo Layer2-1.jpg photo Layer5-1.jpg photo Layer6-1.jpg photo pin-3.jpg photo Layer4-2.jpg 


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