HAPPY THOUGHT #41: Clean drinking water for 75 families! (Ugandan Water Project)

Ever get thirsty?  I do, and I have access to clean drinking water at multiple access points throughout my day.  Having traveled to Africa, I can somewhat imagine what it would be like to live in a hot country without clean drinking water at my disposal.  I also realize how disappointed I feel when I’m on a road trip with my daughter and she gets thirsty but I have no water in the car to give her.  I know it’s not comparable, but on a minor scale, it helps me understand.

That’s why it made me SO HAPPY to see that someone donated $3,500 to the Ugandan Water Project this week!  That means 75 families will soon be enjoying clean drinking water in their village.   What an impact!

This initiative reminds me to take a moment and appreciate the variety of resources I have, and to remember that sharing my resources, whether a lot or a little, can make a big difference to others.

Thank you Ugandan Water Project for sharing this exciting story, and being one of my top happy thoughts for the day, and thank you to the donor of this generous donation who is about to make 75 families in Uganda very happy!

“Give water, give life.”




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