Harajuku Mini: The Launch -- Part Two of My Chat With Gwen

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Did you think I left you hanging?

[Part One of BlogHer's exclusive interview with Gwen Stefani can be found HERE.]

To review quickly, last week I had the chance to chat with Gwen Stefani and grill her about all things Harajuku Mini...and some things not Harajuku Mini.  And then on Saturday I got to do it AGAIN.  I know.  And this time, in person.  I know.

Me, chatting with Gwen.  Whatever.  I'm breezy. 

I'm an LA townie, so I can mostly keep my sh*t together around celebs just by nature of the fact that they're my neigbors and colleagues (except when I interned for George Clooney and met him on the first day I totally forgot how to speak, but c'mon...George Clooney was talking to me and I was like, 20) but getting to interview Gwen was still pretty freaking mind blowing to me.   This woman isn't just a Rock Star.  She's a creative tour de force and a kickin' mommy to boot.   And also, she just revolutionized my daughter's closet.  So let's get to it, okay?

Morgan Shanahan:  Okay, I have to tell you - I asked Twitter what they wanted to know about you and some of the questions I got back were "How do I start my own empire" and "How do I get to be her when I grow up?" so...people really love you. [Gwen laughs and is very gracious]  But also, people really want to know about your beauty regime, so...can I ask you?

Gwen Stefani:  Sure, go ahead.

MS: So, the red lipstick, they said you wouldn't tell me, but - is there a signature shade?

GS:   [Laughs] People always want to know that, and they never believe me.  It's really not one signature shade.  Now that I've collaborated with Loreal, they've hooked me up, I mix colors a lot.  I go for more of a blue red than an orange red - or lately more of a pink red - it's not just one color, I'll even wear burgundy sometimes...it's always different.

MS:  I've never been able to get it right.  

GS:  You have to go for a blue red.  Orange red is more challenging to wear for pale skin and light blondes.

[Editor's Note: I should have taken that one to the grave, because that is GOLD right there. -MS]

MS:  And the hair?  How do you maintain the hair?

GS:  Ahhh, I have to keep some things a mystery. [Laughs]  Um, I do it very carefully.  I follow the Marilyn Monroe Rules.  I looked up what she used to do and I follow it.

MS:  Fair enough.  Anything else you want to tell us about Harajuku Mini?  Where do you see it going in the future?  Harajuku Mini furnishings?

GS:   If Target will have me, I'd do all of it...although oh my god, that sounds like a lot of work.    

But I would - I want to do it all.  I love this line.  I told Target they have to do special sizes for my kids because they're going to outgrow it soon.

MS:  It's so cute on them. The whole line is crazy adorable. Was there a hardest part?

GS: The restrictions - children's clothes have tons of restrictions on them. Once we learned to work around all the restrictions it's been so fulfilling. For me - everything I've done in my life has been really sort of - it just creeps up on me...it's very natural, it's very organic, I don't usually say "I'm going to do this right now" - you know?  

The timing with Target was so right when they came to me - same with Loreal, when it comes to me and it feels right, it's so incredible, because there are so many amazing opportunities I have to say no to - most of them actually...but getting to do this line has been so much fun for me.  When I look back and see all the things that I've done in my life I always think "how did I get so lucky?"  It's been this natural evolution of opportunities that I am so grateful for.

I mean...could she be more gracious?  I assure you, she could not.  And the launch event she hosted on Saturday was like an awesome wonderland for fashion-obssessed tots.  And I just so happen to have a fashion-obssessed tot. 

So an afternoon of hairdos and facepaint, and fashion shows, and bedazzling pieces of the brand-spankin' new Harajuku Mini line?  Um, yes please.

Thanks Gwen and Target for an amazing day -- and stay tuned: In a final installment of milk-the-interview-as-much-as-you-can, I'll share the video I shot of Gwen sharing her stunner line (which you want to see because she's going to tell you which of her pieces feature materials and designs from both L.A.M.B. and Gwen's own personal touring wardrobe...ooooooh.)

So...what do you think of the line?  Did you pick up any Harajuku Mini for your Mini this weekend?

[Photos courtesy of Alex.]


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