Hard Times

Growing up as a brown-skinned African-American woman, I experienced hardship due to the color of my skin. Whether it be rude comments (intentional and unintentional) or outright discrimination, being made aware that black is beautiful…as long as it’s not too black, wore on my self-esteem as a young girl. While this issue seems to be prevalent amongst all ethnic races, it is especially common in the African-American community. The “color-struck” ideology has divided and destroyed communities and even families. Although it is prevalent, it is not often talked about, so those of us who are made to feel devalued because of the rich, beautiful, dark tone of our skin are forced to suffer in silence, and often feel like we are alone. It’s time to break the silence—and that’s what “This Black On Me” is all about. I wish to share some of my personal experiences, as well as bring attention to the on-going struggle to break this cycle in our community.


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