Harkness Brings a New Twist on Classic Archetypes

BlogHer Review

A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness, is not your average creature novel. Its engrossing story line is a mix of historical and science fiction. It pulls the reader into wondrous places -- the secret shelves of a world-class library, a perfectly preserved French castle -- introduces us to witches and vampires and daemons, tosses in the inevitable cross-species romance, tears us back-and-forth through history, into modern day scientific and evolutionary theory and still manages to keep the story pacing taut throughout. Simply put, it's a tasty, immersive read -- highly entertaining, escapist fun. I couldn't put it down.

Sure. If you're a reader of these genres, you'll see the character archetypes and expected plot developments unfold as you've seen before, but you'll also find some nice surprises. Harkness does a fine job of research and storytelling, so if you come to this book open-minded and looking for well-told tale of above-average intelligence and wit, you won't mind at all. Do clear some time for yourself, however, I definitely got sucked in by this read! Great summer read!

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