Has anyone seen my dreams? They were right here just a minute ago...

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Impact 2: Change Yourself
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Jenny Eckton

"At BlogHer ’10, I got to live out one of my dreams and dance in front of a crowd…and the crowd loved it. Here’s a little secret: I’m not really what you would call a dancer. That is, I’m a dancer in my mind and in my dreams, but you’d never know it by watching me, what with my changing diapers and driving my minivan all around town."

When you were little, what were your dreams? Where did you see yourself – ten, twenty, thirty years down the road? And the bigger questions: Are you there yet? What does that even mean?

In this session we’ll remember the dreams that you’ve left behind and explore ways to realistically access them NOW. (Yes, I’m talking to you.) We’ll begin with a discussion on women who do things in their lives to stay in touch with that part of themselves for which motherhood and/or work don’t allow, and how blogging relates to remembering, recognizing, and realizing those dreams. After the discussion we’ll clear away the chairs and I’ll teach you the dance that so many people were talking about last year to get you prepared for all the partying and dancing you’ll be doing throughout the weekend!