Has Blogging Lost Her Soul?

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The radical act of blogging is pressing "publish."

Blogging has made publishing accessible to millions. It is as revolutionary as the printing press. The medium has continue to die a million deaths. At some point, Facebook and Twitter will also disappear, like Friendster, Google Reader, and countless other applications. But at the core— the power of blogging is that anyone with access to a computer can "speak" to the world. And that is here to stay.

So, take a lesson from my father. When a friend of yours tells you, "Blogging is dead," don't argue with him. He is right. Everything is always changing into something else, for better or for worse, and one person's perception will always be different than the next.

"Yes, blogging IS dead," you can answer. "But the soul lives on."

And it is with that knowledge, that I go now and write my next blog post. Because I love to press publish.


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