Has this ever happened to you... on facebook?

Have you ever logged into facebook and had it ask you to enter your phone number 'for your protection'? I have... 

Ever logged in and have it tell you you're not using your real name? I have... 

Noticed you had an email address posted on your profile that you never did and never would share on that profile? I have...  

So I had the idea of this post because this seems to be getting out of hand. How does facebook seem to know so much about me? Even things I don't willingly share and connect with my facebook profile? 

Well here's some potential explanation:
"(...) And your Facebook friends’ profile information is integrated into Contacts, so when they update an email address or phone number you automatically stay up to date." -ZDNET

Maybe that explains the rogue email address showing up? Is this a two-way street?

And of course they've been using facial recognition to suggest who you tag in photos for a little while now. Another feature that they opt you in on and you have to physically sign in online and opt out of. Hence they were able to initially scan all of the photos on the site as they rolled out the feature and presumed we wanted it...

This feature was unleashed the same week my duplicate profile was shut down. I had mutual friends who had tagged me with both names. Coincidence?
Based on facebook's 
omniscience I'm guessing they already know my phone number, but maybe they don't want to be soo presumptions as to just throw it up on my page? 

Why not suggest my friends ask me to share it? Oh yeah, that happened to my friend the other day, she got a notification that said: "xyz (random unknown facebook friend) suggest you share your phone number on facebook." That's a great idea random stranger.

Wondering why I'm still on facebook? Me too... me too...

It all started with a tweet, originally posted here


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