Hash Tags, Handles and Handshakes Oh My! A Recap of BlogHer 2012

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending BlogHer 2012, a nation-wide gathering of (mostly) she-bloggers, consisting of classes, guest speakers, and gale-force networking.  Though somewhat of a whirlwind, I found the experience thoroughly informative and enjoyable!  Personal highlights included hearing Katie Couric, Martha Stewart, and Christy Turlington speak, attending an array of interesting workshops, and connecting with fellow blogging enthusiasts at a “speed-dating”-pace.

Over the course of the conference, the following themes emerged:

  • Developing your unique and authentic voice is the best way to create truly great content.
  • Bloggers have tremendous power to use their platforms as catalysts for social change.
  • The technical aspects of blogging are “figure-outable” and HTML doesn’t have to be a four letter word.
  • Engagement, interaction and consistency are crucial to building a following.
  • Bloggers provide a tremendous amount of value to brands, and should not undervalue themselves or be afraid to monetize when the time is right.

Thinking about attending BlogHer (or a similar industry event) in the future?  Here are three tips to keep in mind:

  • Do your homework BEFORE you arrive.  Know what workshops and classes you plan to attend, get a map of the conference venue and make sure you have plenty of business cards on hand.
  • Check any shy or introverted tendencies at the door.  The relationships-building and networking opportunities at these events are invaluable, so be sure to introduce yourself to fellow bloggers, marketing professionals and brand reps with confidence.
  • Take good care of yourself!  While you can learn a ton at events like BlogHer, they can also be a bit exhausting.  It is important to get sleep, eat a solid breakfast and take some alone time to process all you are learning.

Did you find this post helpful?  If you attended BlogHer, what were your conference takeaways?