The Hated Mom?

As I read through some other blogs I read how mothers are censoring nursery rhymes or bed time stories, which I do not judge. If it works for them and their family that is great. I began thinking of how I would handle such a situation and then realized I am going to be the mother other moms hate.

My children are going to get very colorful, violent stories that are acted out with lots of dramatic talent. (haha) They will have happy endings of couse but I plan on making them hilariously epic stories. Let me give an example of something I will tell my kids...

Once upon a time there was a little boy who was very handsome and decided to go on a dangerous adventure to his grandmothers house. His grandmother lived far aross the land through the dark forest and over the bridge of no return, under that bridge lives a horrible man eating goblin. He will bite your legs and gobble you down for breakfast. So the little boy set off through the dark forest with his magical lantern which scared away all of the man eating bats, then he arrived at the bridge of no return. The little boy took a deep breath and stepped onto the stone when suddenly a deep goblin voice boomed "WHO IS ON MY BRIDGE?" That was when a horrible green goblin came crawling out from under the bridge *I plan on acting out the goblin in a hilariously zombie-ish way* and he said "You look like a yummy little boy!! I think I will eat you up!" So the little boy grabbed his sword and stabbed the goblin and there was lots of blood and the goblin fell down dead! The little boy continued on his way to his grandmothers and they had a delicious feast! The end.

I have a very strange personality and even though my two year old doesn't understand it when we play I say random things about our games such as the other day we were playing with his toy horses and I said "Oh! Your horse is dead, my horse ate your horses liver." haha I cannot wait until my son is old enough to understand and appreciate story time! I'm even more excited for when we can go back and forth where I can make up a part and he can continue it. Obviously I have a wild imagination and as long as my son doesn't get scared (because I plan to make them funny to show him he doesn't have to be afraid of anything) then I plan on sharing my crazy stories with my boys. I have a feeling parents of my kids friends are going to be annoyed with the bloody imaginitive stories my boys will come up with. They are boys its to be expected, right? Either way I will encourage creative stories with my boys :)  Does anybody else share my sense of story telling? Share funny stories of your story times as well :)


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