HATERS ONLINE: Someone Cyber Bullied my Adult Daughter

My momma bear instincts have kicked in. 

Although I won’t post a comment on the blog page of the person who wrote the hate blog, I feel the need to unload my feelings and share with you.  I want to get the word out about this kind of hate. 

I want to ask for some advice on handling the feelings that have surfaced because of it.  

My daughter is twenty nine, a wife and the mother of 2 beautiful baby boys. A few weeks ago, she asked me if she entered Ree Drummond’s latest contest and won, did I want to go with her?  4 people will win a trip to the ranch, and can bring one guest for a cookout with Ree.  Of course I want to go!   

My daughter submitted her entry.  http://goo.gl/LGZpE Which I thought was awesome by the way.  When she told me the format she was using and showed me photos on her camera that she was going to use in her blog post about her entry, I encouraged her and said “you’re going to win!”.  

Nikki started blogging in 1999 before the word blog even existed.  When you have an online presence, you could bring a hater or two to your site.  They could write about you.   

They could drive your page views up because they wrote an entire blog post about you.  After all she did link Nikki’s blog.  This morning I asked her if her page views were up because of this post and she said she hadn’t checked yet.  I know she’s scared and nervous about the whole ordeal.   

I don’t want to give the bully more page views so therefore I am not linking.  

The bully gave my daughter an award of Sheeple of the Week for her entry to The Pioneer Woman’s latest contest:  http://goo.gl/dvb9c I just can hardly believe the energy this person put into writing this blog post.  Why would anyone single out a person and write about them just because she is a fan.  Since when is it wrong to have an idol?

One of the commenters actually researched and figured out my daughter has been an online presence since 1999. She even called out about one of the forum sites she co-created with a close friend when they were teenagers!  

I’m so upset with this thing.  I really really hate when online stuff crosses into real life and puts this kind of fear in you. 

One of the things I grappled with before I started blogging again was whether I wanted to be anonymous or just write openly as myself.  Since I mostly photoblog, I decided to attach my name to my blog so perhaps someday I might be discovered for my artistic photography.  (it’s ok to dream right?)  

Have you ever been hated online?  How did you handle it?

Can you believe there are actually people out there who invest so much time into creating hate?  

What is a mother to do but share it with the people who understand the blogosphere best?  






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