Friday, November 16, 2007
I had to stop by our local Sephora store the other day to confirm that two of their makeup stylists would be donating their talents at an upcoming fashion show. Standing outside Sephora preparing myself for the onslaught of cosmetics calling me like a pedophile to his young prey -- "C'mere little girl. Look what goodies I have for you -- I hid my credit card deep in my wallet and I said a prayer to the god of shopping. "Please, don't let me succumb to the allure of youth in a bottle ."

But as soon as I walked into the store, I literally ran into Suzie Q. Yes, that is her name: Suzie Q. It was love at first sight! Although Suzie Q is a phenomenal salesperson, before she opened her glossy red lips, I pulled that credit card out of my purse like a swashbuckler pulls his sword out of his scabbard.

By the time, Miss Suzie was escorting me to the checkout line, my shopping basket filled with yummy goodies, Suzie, an illusionist in her own right, was saying, "I WILL not let you buy another thing," while with sleight of hand adding another product to my shopping basket. As I left the store, I was drooling not only for my newly acquired delectables but for my new gal pal Suzie Q!

Oh, you ask, "What was in that Sephora black shopping bag?" It was a new product called Per-fekt. According to Susie Q, retail sales and training executive for Per-fekt (and I thought she just liked me for me), Per-fect is an "all-in-one vitamin enriched, sweat-resistant and water-resistant formulation that glides on effortlessly to instantly improve skin tone, reduce redness, and help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines."
Honestly, it might be the best primer I have ever used, but I discovered it was not sweat-resistant."

Hey, Suzie Q, my new BFF, I will be returning the fuchsia pink lipstick and gloss that you encouraged me to buy. Sorry, Suze, but the fuchsia pink lipstick makes me look like a hooker at a truck stop.

By the way, many thanks to Michelle and Natalie, the local Sephora managers, for the generous donation to Christ Child Society's upcoming luncheon and fashion show


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