Have Fun and Save Time by Creating a Beauty Routine

When getting ready to go out I find it takes a long time to prepare and I'm not always satisfied with my look. How can I pull everything together in less time and be happier with the result?
Develop a regular routine of good skin care habits. Then stop playing it safe and focus on experimenting with going a little bit bolder. Not only will getting ready go faster but you'll also have more fun in creating your look.

Oh, the dreaded resolution. Things you really want to do, and usually have every intention of implementing, but somehow, they bite the dust. When it comes to my appearance, I’m learning that I have to put more effort in. I don’t know how many times there has been some huge event I’ve attended, and it took me five hours to prepare instead of two. Why? Because I didn’t have a regimen that included the steps below. So, here are a few things that I’m hoping to become better at.

1. Use a skin polisher regularly
My skin is a flaky mess, and it is often noticeable when I apply makeup. Two of my friends are skincare fanatics, and they use polishers every day. This is a great way to slough off any dead skin, while leaving skin soft and lovely. Once a week, I’ll also use a scrub or do a masque.

2. Moisturizer and Serum
Speaking of dry skin, I had to do a moisturizing overhaul. By midday, my skin was drying out. I knew that I needed something extra, so I started integrating serums. I’ve noticed that my skin has been much more manageable after I started applying a moisturizer and serum together. I take a dollop of moisturizer and 2 drops of serum onto my fingers. Then, I massage the concoction into clean skin. Voila, supple skin.

3. Nail Regimen
I’ve been a nail biter for years. I’ve been able to wean myself off of casual biting, but when I’m nervous, I go back to my old habit. It’s so nasty! I do recognize that my nails look fantastic when polished, so I’d like to try to do more with them. I don’t want them to get to the point of chipping, so I plan to polish them every five days or so.

4. Brow Maintenance
I’m so much more pleasant to look at when my brows have been done. I try to get them waxed or threaded when I am overwhelmed with the way they look, then I tweeze at home. Instead, I’d like to start a routine and get them done every two-three weeks, on the same day of the week. Having a regular set day should help build my routine and get it to stick.

5. Mix it Up with Makeup
A few years ago, when I was enjoying my stint as a makeup artist, I’d wear any color known to man. Now, I’m a little more conservative with my look. I wear “safe” colors, the ones that never cause a stir. I’d like to get back into wearing bold lips more than neutral ones. It was a little bit more fun. :)

What are your beauty resolutions this year? How do you plan to shake up and streamline your routine? What are the good habits you are committing to developing? Please share your goals in the comments.

Erin Bailey is Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Scandalous Beauty: "The Urban Beauty Blog"


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