Have Fun While Earning Extra Income!

Would you like to find a fun way to pad your wallet a bit in these tough economic times? If so, then check out these fun opportunities to earn some extra dough:

  • PARTICIPATE IN A FOCUS GROUP – Have an opinion? Don’t just share it with your friends, get paid for it! A lot of businesses pay consumers to test their products/services, and you can make around $50-$100 to help.  To find an opportunity near you, go to findfocusgroups.com.
  • SERVE AS A MOCK JUROR- Many times attorneys will hire people to test their strategies before actually going to trial.  This position usually pays about $100 per day and may require you to be available to work several days in a row, which really pays off.  To look for opportunities in your area, go to trialpractice.com.
  • BECOME AN ACTOR – Serving as a movie or television extra can pay around $100 per day. These opportunities are easily found in local newspapers or by checking with local casting agencies. However … be wary if an agent asks you for a fee … or wants you to pay for headshots. These legitimate type of calls are usually free.
  • BECOME A PET SITTER - If you have a genuine love for animals, you could earn between $30-$50 per day to watch someone else’s pet while they are away.  You can create your profile at dogvacay.com.