Have Picky Eaters? Show Some Enthusiasm

Have Picky Eaters? Show some Enthusiasm

You know how, when a small child falls and you don’t make a fuss – the probability of her crying goes way down?

Similarly, if you show a lot of excitement and enthusiasm about something – then they can get thoroughly excited and want to participate.

In the case of food – the same principle applies: show enthusiasm (not fear) about an ingredient and kids will likely want to partake.

I did a cooking demonstration in a elementary school recently and this is what transpired.

I had cut up a lot of vegetables and put them on trays.

Behind them I had a whole lot of colorful and interesting spices and ingredients.

Kids kept coming up to me and asking what I was going to do.

I told them that I was going to show them spices that they had never seen before and if they went and gathered 10 friends, I would start the show (demonstration).

2 boys ran around gathering kids and brought them over to the table.

They stood there looking at me with very high expectations.  I had no latest video game, no shiny toy; all I had were spices and vegetables.  I still managed to keep them engaged for over half an hour – the amount of time to watch a TV show.

I first showed them peppers of lots sizes and colors.

And then I showed them Sugar Cane

Then they starting asking questions.  Questions mean that they are engaged and that is a great thing.

My advice to those feeding their kids – present a new food with enthusiasm and a sense

of adventure as opposed to fear and pleading.  It may just work!

Do you have picky eaters at home?

How do you tackle this problem?  Share your tips and tricks with us.

Until I eat again!


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