Have some tech expertise you need to learn? Or that you would love to share? Submit your Geek Lab idea!

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BlogHer '09 In Real LifeBefore the holidays we revealed the 30 programmed sessions that will make up the Identity and Passions, Business of You, Leadership and MommyBlogging tracks at BlogHer '09 in Chicago this July. You can check out that schedule here.

The one track we left off the list is the Technical track. That's because this year, inspired by our previous Unconference and Geek Lab conference initiatives, we have decided to turn the technical programming mostly over to the community, in the form of two full days of Geek Lab. You can read more about it here, but the short story is:

The Geek Lab will be one big room where you can go throughout the day to geek out. There will be two presentation areas, one for beginners and one for intermediate-to-advanced bloggers, where a series of 30-minute tutorials on focused topics will go on all day, both days. There will be additional tables and seating spaces for smaller groups, even just two of you, to sit down and troubleshoot specific blogging issues, hack up some solutions, get a little face-time with an expert...or lend a hand and be the expert for someone who happens to need to know what you just figured out how to do last week!

You'll be able to propose a tutorial you'd like to lead, propose a tutorial you'd like to attend, and flag the tutorials that other people suggest...whether you want to contribute or just listen.

Today we launch a new tool to submit, track and flag Geek Lab tutorials as described above. Using one of the polling capabilities of our fabulous Drupal interface you will now be able to submit your idea, peruse other people's ideas, indicate which panels you'd attend, and even indicate which of the panels that others have proposed you would love to join forces with and speak on too!

Here's how it works:

Step #1: Make sure you are a registered member of BlogHer.com and are logged in

Step #2: Click on the "Create a Post" in the upper right

Step #3: Scroll to the bottom of the types of content you can add and click on adding a "Session"

This will take you to the submission form.

Step #4: Fill in your session title

Step #5: Choose whether you are submitting a Geek Lab session idea or a Room of Your Own session idea. (See here for a description of the Room of Your Own submission process.)

Step #6: Describe your session idea...enter as much detail as you can. If this is an idea you want to present, include a bio and some relevant links to your blog. If this is an idea you want to see someone else present, provide as much detail as you can about what would be the session of your dreams. If your proposed tutorial is chosen, we will also ask you to hold 60 minutes of "office hours" after your tutorial, so those who need a little extra help grokking what you presented can get some quality time with you. Please remember to indicate whether you are talking about a Beginning level tutorial or an Intermediate/Advanced level tutorial.

Step #7: Hit "Submit"

You're done. You will now see a post with your session idea.

You'll notice two toggling links at the top of your post. They say:

1. I would attend this session
2. I would be interested in presenting on this topic

Click on those links, if true, you can always go back and change your mind.

You'll be able to go to this Geek Lab proposals page to see all the submissions, how many people are interested in each one, and how many potential speakers there are.

[Please note: There are a couple of tutorials we are planning ahead of time, including beginning level tutorials that will coincide with more advanced material being presented in the Business of You track.]

So, there it is:

Submit a session.

See what people have submitted.

Get your geek on...now!