Have toys and travel

I was packed and ready to go. We had discussed that I spend one week in the beautiful state of California. Inside my bag I placed two dresses, three blouses, two pairs of slacks and a pair of jeans. I could only hope that if a picture was taken and placed in the tabloids, it wouldn’t say that I had on mom jeans.

See what happened was….

I was more than ready.

I have to mention the four dildos of different sizes and the batteries to work them were wrapped in T-shirts and tucked along the top of the bag.  I didn’t want to damage the merchandize, just think of all the fun we could have.

Chocolate thriller, which happens to be the thickest, is what I plan to use the first night there. It is a gamble.  Maybe he is the type that can’t handle using a toy that is the same size as he is. The color is different, but everything else is about the same. I’m getting hot now, just like I did then thinking about it.

I also packed the little pink beginner dildo, not too big, not too long and not too fast.  I packed the ultimate, at least that is what I call it, it does everything. Rotate, flashes light, vibrates, and moves up and down.  Finally, my little vibrator, which fits into my pocket.

The limo pulled up and the driver knocked on my door. I grabbed my purse, my bag and opening the front door, I was in it for the fun.

“Miss, I was told to tell you to leave everything behind.  The only thing you will need is your purse and if you wanted to carry less, just your ID.” The driver tipped his hat toward me. “I’ll be by the car if you wanted to change things around.”

“My toys!” I thought. I have to take them with me. Let’s get real. I knew how my toys handled in a tight spot, how they acted with new batteries and old batteries. I wanted my toys!

Then again, new toys mean new learning tools, who know what else I’ll find at the toy store. I dropped the bags at the door and tucked my purse under my arm.  I did have the small one, a book and the ultimate inside my purse and could only hope that I get a woman my age at the security check point at the airport.

I locked the door behind me and walked to the limo with everyone looking on, even Mrs. Appleton. He opened the door and to my surprise, I was overwhelmed with what I saw.


Roses filled the car and were of every color.

“He said he didn’t know your favorite color or flower. Who could go wrong with roses?” the driver smiled.

I stood there for a second, marveling at the beauty of God’s creation of such a flower.

“Are you ready, Miss?” The driver asked. I nodded my head and sat down in the car. I heard the door close, I lean back in the seat and was swiftly taken away. 

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