Have We gone Crazy with Instagram?

You see the picture? I suppose you see a young Dad holding his baby and both turn to look at the camera because they were coaxed.  I bet you assume the person holding the camera is the mom and she said “smile” or “cheese” or maybe, called their names and perhaps said, “Look this way”; the Father turned towards the camera and the baby followed his mother’s voice.  Those guesses would all be correct.

I took the picture of my husband and son.  To be honest, it was roughly 22 years ago,so who knows if I said, “smile”, “cheese” or “Hey, look this way” but I definitely had them turn in my direction.  Today, this photo would be no big deal. Just another Instagram capture!  Meaning, you probably wouldn’t  give it a second thought because  Photos are constantly snapped.  We take them of food, while we are cooking, and doing tutorials of crafts,makeup and fashion to regular family and friend outings! Quite honestly we take photos of all our moves.   And then we post them on Twitter,Facebook and Pinterest! But, 22 years ago, we didn’t snap pictures as readily.  We posed more! We tended to take photos of momentous events. You know, birthdays, anniversaries, ‘firsts’, and graduations!   Not sure if I think we are swinging the pendulum a little too far thus making photos become mundane and losing a bit of their meaning.  You know, when you take 20 photos of one event And that event it is eating popcorn while watching Dancing With The Stars on Monday night, well, we might be pushing it a bit far and I  include myself in all this new found fun LOL!

For instance, I remember the reason for the photo with my two guys.  The above photo holds a special meaning and tells a story, 22 years later!  You see a Dad playing with his son, right? But look a little closer!

Look closely at the young Father’s eyes!  Now,Look at the photo even closer, if you notice, his shirt is unbuttoned and his necktie hanging loosely. The young Father had a long day, a  long few days! Even upside down you can see how sleepy his eyes look. The unbuttoned shirt and tie hanging loosely are clues to the end of the work day.  I was snapping the photo because the young Father was dead tired and it was a rare moment with his young son.  The young Dad gave up some precious bonding time with his boy to create a better home for his family.  At that time, the young Husband was working full time in addition to going to school full time! Unfortunately he would go days without seeing his son because he would leave early in the morning before his baby woke up and would come home late at night long after his baby was asleep.  On the rare occasion when his son was still awake the first thing the young Father would do was play with him and I wanted to capture one of those moments.  The photo wasn’t perfect but I kept it because I felt it captured a special bonding moment between a dead tired Dad enjoying his baby boy!

I guess what I hope with all these photos we take today is we don’t lose meaning and stories behind a picture! I don’t want photos to become mundane!!  So, yes,take lots of pictures BUT  keep the stories attached and tell them!   Because, as much as I enjoy the idea behind ‘a picture is worth a 1,000 words’, well, sometimes I want to know why the person snapped a certain shot, you just know there is a story behind the shot and I want the story, looking at photos of a bunch of people out of context sometimes is no fun at all, in the end you want the full story! You want both, the photo and words!!

Okay, so have you ever been on Facebook or a blog and you wanted more information on a picture? Have you ever felt some photos were just so silly and thought, “They need to stop using their Instagram?”


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