HAVE YOU BEEN LIED ON?....LIARS.....The Ugly Truth.....


You know I think most people at some point have been lied on or lied about…..I am not sure what the difference is but they both have the same outcome……As long as there are liars out there in the world someone will get lied about…..So what does one do when one gets lied on or about…?

First, it depends on the lie and to what degree it has a fallout….I have seen some lies take place that everyone basically knew it was a lie and so it had little effect….I have seen other lies that have literally taken down a person’s career they built for a lifetime….Any which way you look at it lies are wrong and anytime we hear one we should walk away from it….Lies can hurt people deeply and the person doing the lying always has a hidden agenda, even though at times it may be hard to figure out what it is…

Some people simply lie to gain attention….Others lie to gain control…..Others lie out of jealousy…..The list can be endless for the reasons and the list can be endless in the hurts lies cause….

Years ago I ran a large group of volunteers for women…..It was mainly a social group…..We had lots of fun….but there was always lying and gossip going on no matter how much I tried to stop it…..Getting that large of a group of people together one gets all kinds of personalities in it….and some not so nice. Well, at one point I got lied about….and it stung…..One of the women asked me to buy a ticket for her and she would reimburse me. The ticket was for a function. I happily did so and gave her the ticket. She promised to pay me back. No big deal for me…Anytime was fine….

Well, long story short she wrote me a check and then canceled it for the return she owed me. She told me she realized suddenly that it was from a wrong account. She said she would be right over to pay me. Never showed up. I saw this woman numerous times at functions. Never did she offer to pay me back again….The ticket was only ten dollars so I would have gladly bought it for her if she didn’t have the money…..What I came to discover later is she was willing to “sell her soul” for ten dollars and mine at the same time…….I wondered how could anyone be so malicious over ten dollars. I would have gladly paid for her ticket had she not had the money. In her case she had the money. It was just her nature to cheat people out of money. I was to discover that later……

Over the next weeks she proceeded to bad mouth me and sabotage my best efforts to run our group…Many of the women came to me to tell me what she had been saying. I was shocked. All lies….over ten dollars…..Of course, everyone discovered she was a liar…but not till after it truly caused some friction in our group……That was my lesson on realizing how people can lie over the stupidest reasons…..She lost her credibility in the eyes of others and eventually quit the group…..I heard she went on to other groups and did the exact same thing….

The thing about liars is that people end up not believing them after time…..They lose all their credibility…..The problem is they have created havoc to those they lied about……I simply make it a practice to avoid liars at the first sign that they are one….Remember if someone will lie about someone else they most certainly will lie about you given the opportunity…..

Liars are simply people that have no integrity…..They lack it….Many likely don’t even know what the word means or how to spell it…..They do know how to spell the word “lie….” As that is a word they regularly use….Being truthful is key to having integrity….Liars don’t have that….Almost all liars get found out….many are very unhappy people……There will always be lairs and we simply cannot avoid everyone that is out there…..but one thing for sure we can get good at recognizing them when we see them…..and running as far away from them as possible….


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