Ever Dream of Owning a Team? Sparks Owners Lead the Future of the WNBA

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A few weeks ago it was announced that WNBA legend Lisa Leslie would become a partner in the team she played for her entire pro career - the Los Angeles Sparks. Leslie joins three women who went from fans to franchise owners. Together, they are pushing the WNBA into its rightful position in the consciousness of people who support athletics and entertainment.

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Have you ever thought of a brilliant, possibly outrageous idea, but you talked yourself out of it? Do you think about what would have happened if you’d pursued your goal? Have you ever witnessed cruelty and thought “someone should do something about this?” Think for a moment if YOU had done something. How many lives would have changed?

What would you do in these situations?

This is the story of Carla Christofferson, Kathy Goodman, and Paula Madison and their WNBA journey.

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