My Life After Quadruplets: Have You Lost Yourself in Motherhood?

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If a baby changes everything, what does having four babies do?

Before quads (BQ), I always pictured my life as a mom being a very balanced lifestyle.  I would still be able to pursue my interests, serve my husband as a good wife, be domestic, pursue friendships, etc. all while parenting. 

Then I had babies. 

 Four at a time.

My expectations and preconceived ideas went out the window. And now, three years later, I'm coming to terms with the reality that motherhood has taken over my identity.

I didn't realize how consumed I had become until someone asked me recently what I did before quads, and I had to really think about it for a while.  I swore I wouldn't become that mom!  Someone asked me the other day if I get tired of talking about my life with quads.  I hadn't even stopped to realize that's the bulk of what my conversations revolve around.  Most of the time, I'm happy to share our lives with others.  I blog about our adventures, bloopers, and challenges.  Our lives are on display as an attention grabber most everywhere we go. It's something I've some how adjusted to ...

There's a positive side to this, for sure.  I'm thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to pour into these sweet miracles in my life.  There's nothing more rewarding than watching your children grow and develop into little people.

However, how much should a mom let herself go in order to raise a family?  I think there's a degree of sacrifice required for any mother. 

How can I figure out a way to balance my marriage, friendships, own interests, health, and spiritual needs while raising four potty-training three-year-olds?

Do you feel consumed by motherhood?


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