Have you read any GLBT-Lit lately?

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June is Pride Month and that's an excellent reason to go exploring GLBT literature. GLBT literature goes across all genres and there is something for everyone. We've rounded up some resources for you to help roadmap your way through the world of GLBT lit.

For Kids:

Queer Moms Free Space has a list of book resources for GLBT books for kids.

The very popular Mombian has a category dedicated to books for kids as does LesbianDad.

For Tweens and Teens:

Over the past year or two I've been discovering how much bigger the world of Canadian YA is. Elizabeth just opened my eyes even more with her list of Canadian GLBT YA books.

YA author Justine Larbalestier posted (and continues to update) a list of Australian GLBT YA books.

On of my favourite YA bloggers, Colleen at Chasing Ray compilied a list of "coming of age novels" and there's a good section on "Books GLBT YAs Will Identify With Strongly".

Libraries are always an excellent source of book recommendations. The San Francisco Public Library has compiled a list of Teen GLBT Books.

For Adults:

The GLBT Book and Video Blog covers a wide range of books - fiction, non-fiction, even a wee bit of YA.

Lee Wind is an author whose blog asks I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the hell do I read?.

The Kansas City Library has a GLBT Award Winning Reading Guide.

Shut Me Up With Milk declared a Lesbian Pulp Wednesday. Lesbian pulp novels have possibly the best covers. Check out this collection of lesbian pulp covers. Aren't they fantastic?

The American Library Association has a full list of the Stonewall Book Award winners and honor books. The GLBTRT of the ALA has a great list of GLBT bibliographies to browse.

After Ellen has a book page dedicated to lesbian books.

Feministe posted a call out for feminist and lesbian book recommendations and readers provided plenty in the comments.

The Hidden Side of a Leaf is a book blog that has a category dedicated to GLBT books.

Science-fiction lover? Ever heard of the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards? There's also the GLBT Fantasy and Fiction Resource.

If you should you need a reminder for why GLBT literature is important I'm going to send you to Cecelia's blog. She's a librarian and bookseller and you need to go read why somedays her job is worth it.

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