Have You Watched BlackFish?

The film "Blackfish" has become a well known controversial story about the orca whales captured, living, and being trained at SeaWorld. The film tells the tragic stories of accidents and deaths that have occurred there and at parks similar over the past years. I know this is a health and fitness blog, but I have a love and some educational background in marine biology. I felt I had to establish my stand on this subject. I pray for a day when the idea of large marine mammals, (or any marine animal) living in captivity is an absurd idea.


The original article: CEO of SeaWorld Suggests Trainer was to Blame for Her Own Death

It shouldn't be a question whether the whale was acting in aggression or not, or if the trainer made a mistake. We should be asking how a company can capture, exploit and abuse wild animals, and misinform, brainwash and fail to protect its employees. Most of the trainers are not marine biologists, they have little to no knowledge about the lives of marine mammals. Orcas swim hundreds of miles a day and live up to 100 years in the wild, there is nothing "natural, safe, and humane" by keeping them in captivity. It shouldn't be an argument about why a whale kills. It is a tragedy; a tragedy that was preventable, SeaWorld should not even exist.

Watch Blackfish, read the articles, form your own opinions...I'm excited to hear them!

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