Have Yourself a Very Crafty Christmas - A DIY Gift Guide

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I took an informal poll on my Facebook page about what crafters would like to find under the tree this year. There were the obvious stocking stuffers like sharp scissors, glitter, Tacky Glue, decoupage medium and paper. Crafting is such a broad spectrum that it really depends on what craft someone is passionate about before you can buy them the perfect gift. I myself am all over the place on what crafts I like. One day I am embroidering, the next day I am casting resin. I tried to put together a list of craft supplies that someone who likes a little bit of everything, like me, would enjoy.

I may be a day late and a dollar short on this, but washi tape seemed to be the hot craft of 2011. A type of Japanese masking tape, crafters have been using it to adorn vases, decorate Easter eggs, make banners and more. If it will sit still long enough, some crafter will put washi tape on it. I can see countless home décor, scrap booking and jewelry possibilities with this fun, decorative tape. Washi comes in a million different colors and patterns - something for everyone on your list. Oh and while you're at it, grab an extra roll to use when wrapping presents. Washi tapes looks great as gift wrapping too.


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