Having a Baby Made Me More Clumsy.

Ever since I became a mom, I really seem to be a lot more clumsy than I used to be. Maybe it’s just me. But I swear, I find myself dropping at least five random objects a day.

1. Yesterday, I dropped a full mug of coffee down the stairs. I wanted to cry because we were out of creamer and I couldn’t make more. Booooo.

2. On Monday, I accidentally dropped the bag of dog food I was pouring. It was fortypounds. Thankfully I was able to block the dog food from completely spilling out in my entryway – that would have been a ginormous mess!

3. I drop my phone on a regular basis. Like to the point where my hubs calls me butterfingers and makes fun of me for my inability to keep it in my hands. This was never a problem before! :le sigh:...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project


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