Own Your Beauty: When Your Girl Looks Like You


Own Your Beauty is a groundbreaking, year-long movement bringing women together to change the conversation about what beauty means. Our mission: to encourage and remind grown women that it is never too late to learn to love one's self and influence the lives of those around us - our mothers, friends, children, neighbors. We can shift our minds and hearts and change the path we follow in the pursuit of authentic beauty.

I don't like this picture of me. But look at that arm draped around my neck. See that? Now I like it.

Sometimes I look at her and think, those are my legs. Or she smiles with all of her face and it takes my breath away because it's me,just on a 25-year delay. With better coloring, you know, and way more fabulous hair.

Sometimes I catch myself before saying stupid things like, "I'm having an ugly day" in front of her. But only by a hair, and only because I know how she listens. And learns. How she throws her head back and laughs when I do.

I know that she's a girl, and oh, girls are so good at being so hard on themselves. I want her to be really, really bad at that. I want her to always see what I do when I look at her. I want her to keep peering into the mirror with satisfaction, saying in the sweetest voice you've ever heard- "I look so pretty," and believing it. Not just when she looks at herself in certain light either, at a certain angle, when her hair is having a particularly amazing day. Although those days are nice.

I also hope that she doesn't grow up to fill her facebook pages with pictures of herself making kissy faces, but perhaps that isn't really related.

Having a daughter has taught me to stop saying negative things about myself, at least out loud. To try to look in the mirror and see what she sees. To quit picking apart my features and just embrace what they can do; and what they can do fills my days with happy. Kissing owies. Smelling baby heads that smell so good it hurts. Seeing the most beautiful face in the world as it sleeps.

Besides, how can I hate legs that look just like hers do? Everything about her is perfect.

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