Having Little Kids--An Analogy

I frequently have dreams where I am traveling on a plane.  We never manage to get to our destination though.  Something makes us late leaving the house.  Along the way, maybe a ticket is lost.  Many many times, we get held up in the airport, dealing with the bureaucracy of going through security.  We never get through, the dream gets stuck there and I am just dreaming of standing in line for a long period of time, getting frustrated, checking my stuff, waiting, waiting, waiting.  IF we do actually get on the plane, then it is a whole bunch of preparation for take-off, flights being delayed to the point where if we do actually get to fly where we are going, we would have to turn right around when we get there.  Usually I wake up then.

This feeling of impersonal traveling in vain follows me into my waking hours and permeates my days.  I am waiting and trying my best to get to where I need, stuck in line.... but little idiosyncrasies tie me down along the way, and I am trapped.