The Color of God

A lot of time has been spent by a lot of people thinking about the appearance of God and His Son, Jesus.

First, a discussion of God's appearance.

Many artists depict Him as an old man, perhaps on a cloud, with long white hair and a long white beard.

For example, this is how Michelangelo envisioned Him:



Lately, with the advent of more powerful telescopes, some think of Him in ways as we see in space, particularly if they are resembling to humans in some way.  For example, the Cat's Eye Nebula.



As for me, while I think both the pictures above are beautiful, and not necessarily wrong... but I think they may be telling only part of the story.

God is eternal, He is all things to all people, He is omnipresent, He is everywhere at once.

I wondered as a child if God is EVERYWHERE all the time, then His appearance should correspond to that, right?  If He is everywhere, and the universe is "where", and the universe is infinitely large... then God should be infinitely large as well.

This made me think of different types of infinity (∞).  Let's say that we think of God creating us in His own image in the strictest terms... God looks human.  If God is infinitely big, without start or stop.... then shouldn't His nose also be infinitely big?  Because if your nose is, say, 20% the height of your face, and your face is about 20% the height of your body, this makes your nose about 4% the height of your body.  If God's nose is about 4% of His height, and His height is ∞, then we calculate the size of God's nose as 4% x ∞ which = ∞.  Hence the ∞ size nose.  And, by the same logic, wouldn't this be true of all of God's "body"?  And if His nose is ∞ size, then how could there be room for the rest of God?

Which brings me to my next point.  Does God have a body?  As I just mentioned, Genesis says that God made humans after His own image.... but it does not elaborate on the definition of "image".  Most people assume it means we look physically similar, with a body and face.... but perhaps all it means is that our Souls look like Him (and consider Souls are invisible), or even that we are made of atoms like He may be.  I would guess there are many images of God (perhaps ∞), and it does not necessarily mean He looks human in the fact that He has two ears, two eyes, two legs, etc.

What we have to remember is that of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, we only see a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny miniscule amount.  I think The Universe on the History Channel stated that if you were to correspond the em spectrum to a roll of film... that film would stretch all the way from Mexico to Canada... and if you were to get a pair of scissors and cut out one little film-square out of all that, and then cut that in half again, that would represent the part of the em spectrum we interpret as "visible light" (390nm-700nm).

Some graphs to help visualize:



My entire point is that our human eyes only show the tiniest fraction of what is out there, and yet we rely on their perceptions to help us define whole religions.  Which is where faith comes in, but that's a discussion for later.


Now, time to discuss the second part of the question-- What color (race) is Jesus?

This can be a hot debate for some people.  Usually the people that are insistent that He is a particular race describe Him as their own race.

Many artists depict Jesus as:






 Anthropology suggests Jesus may have resembled:


Honestly, my opinion of the whole What-race-is-Jesus debate can be summed up as:

If you're worried about it, then you need to sit down and read the Bible more... focusing on what Jesus says and how He acts.  Waste no more time on this discussion.


Though it's not in the title, I shall touch on a bit about what (I think) the Holy Spirit may look like.  The part of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) that many overlook.  And it may be because the Holy Spirit is not described in terms of how it (may or may not) resemble humans.  Two examples of the Holy Spirit's appearance in the Bible are as fire, and as a dove.  Nonetheless, it is obviously still important as Jesus mentions it numerous times, as well as the Old Testament. 

The Holy Spirit is defined (partly) as our advocate and comfort.... It guides us to choices that are in harmony with God's Will.

I will also note that the Holy Spirit seems to come as Nature... which makes me thing the extremely Christian thing to do is to respect and care for Nature.... for this and a variety of other reasons.