Having My Say


Is it really November 30? Where did the month go?

I'm basking in the sense of accomplishment I'm experiencing for successfully completing the November Blogher NaBloPoMo challenge. I've been able to post something each day; more on some days, less on others.

A number of things happened during this challenge. These are a few:

  • I reactivated my Blogher page
  • I researched the "how to" of posting photos on Blogher (and as a result),
  • Set up a Flicker account so I can upload my photos
  • Registered for a Kozzi account so I can snag some free stock photos when I need them
  • Started posting on my blog over at Red Room
  • Posted daily at my A Swirl Girl blog

Now, more than ever, I realize that I have a lot to say! I have a notebook filled with ideas for blog posts and for the book I'm writing.

I've reached a number of goals this year, and the NaBloPoMo experience gave impetus to some new goals and benchmarks for 2013.

I'm doing life my way - and I'm having my say!


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