Having Sexual Feelings during Sexual Abuse does NOT amount to Consent

Many people who are being sexually abused have sexual feelings during the process. It is a natural body response. This does NOT mean that they consented in the abuse.  Most people come out of sexual abuse believing that it was, at least partly, their fault because of the sexual feelings they were forced or seduced into having.  That is why many people do not come forward when they have been sexually assaulted. Sex with someone who has power over you is sexual abuse. It is completely the fault and responsibility of the one in power. Date rape is rape, no matter how consenting you were in the beginning.  If you feel pressured into having sex when you really don't want to, and say so, that is abuse.  

It can take time, therapy and support to get out from under the belief that the abuse was our fault. If you are in this state of mind, get help. Because sex is so close to ourseleves, this negative belief goes in very deep. You were NOT at fault no matter what feelings you had.

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