Is Having Too Many Books a Problem?

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Stefanie is doing some home renovations and it's making her take a good hard look at her book stash. I feel her pain. Despite being someone who has moved a lot in the last ten years (and should know better) I have an astonishing ability to acquire more books than I really have room for. I've mostly stopping acquiring them. Temporarily. Until I clear out a few of the piles. That is unless you count e-books....

I Have a Book Problem

What am I doing with so many books? If I read nothing but the books I put on the cart today, it would probably take me three to four years to read them all. There are that many books. And looking at the room without all those books on the floor, it doesn’t seem so small anymore. It also feels better. Lighter.

stack of books

Image credit: Brenda Starr

When the floor is done and beautiful I don’t want to cover it up with piles of books. It is not good for the books because it is impossible to keep them clean. I also don’t want to think about carrying them all back upstairs. But I don’t want to get rid of them because I haven’t read them.

I am forming a plan of action.

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