Hays House...Misadventures In Parenting

I write about the chaos that comes with the blending of two sibling sets ranging in age from 18 to 1. My oldest two children are 18 and 14. My yougest, 5 and 1. They are both boy girl birth order and 4.5 years apart in age. I believe God felt I deserved a do-over after the calamity that was my first fiasco and therefore, this second time is all about getting it right. I am failing miserably! The issues usually arise in my failure to transition successfully from diapers to drugs, nookie to nursing. And nothing sets your teenagers and their friends off like walking into a room where mom has her breast bared for the masses. In our family, we love Jesus, laugh loudly, fight passionately, dance maniacally, and love unconditionally. Hope you can join us for a few of our (mis)adventures!