HBO's Larry David A Feminist? Really?

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[He’s annoying. He’s self-centered. He’s a jerk. No wonder Cheryl finally divorced him! But for a male character on television, Larry David of HBO’s smash hit “Curb Your Enthusiasm” also can be unexpectedly sensitive and mature in his approach to women. Or at least so says Elissa Strauss of The Forward in this funny post. Do you agree with her?—Mona]

She writes:

Take, for example, the first episode of the current season, during which he instructs a young woman on how to insert a tampon. When a Girl Scout who had come to his house to sell cookies, informs him that she has just got her first period he is not only happy to provide her with a tampon, but reads her the instructions through the door. He says the word “vagina,” yes vagina! and even uses his armpit to simulate how inserting a tampon might work, and never once acts the tiniest bit repulsed.

Read the full post on Larry David on The Forward now.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Credit Image: David Shankbone on Flickr

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