Is He Cheating?

Monogomy in my opinion is hard to come by. The verbal commitment between a man and a woman seems to be at the bottom of the list now. If you have been in relationships you will understand that not all are easy and our share of heart breaks and aches seem continuous. You've date a guy who you lowered your guard for, fell head over heels with, everything seem perfect until one day it changes. He doesn't call and text everyday like he use to, he seems distant when you guys are together as if he has other things on his mind, he begins to hang out more with his friends, working later than normal, whatever the excuse is that is preventing quality time between you two can be mind boggling. As a woman our instincts kick in and the first thing we ask is, "Is He Cheating?". A blessing and a curse right?

Such a mental and stressful thing to think about or experience. Attempting to find out if your mate is cheating is a job in itself. Some take the direct route and ask a question with an 80% chance that you know your guy will deny it and then on the other hand if you are like me, we play inspector gadget and CSI to find out whatever it is that we feel like we need to know. These are just some of the signs that I picked up on when my guy cheated:

  • Cell phone on vibrate and locked all the time  - (woman's worse enemy)
  • Phone stays out of sight when you're around one another or he keeps it close to him at all times 
  • Hanging out with friends other than the ones you already know
  • An increased or sudden interest or change in appearance
  • Working later than normal
  • Unexplained charges on credit card or money that goes unaccounted for
  • A sudden change in mood.. seems surpisingly happy or suddenly angry all the time
  • Finds a way to leave or fuss over the smallest things
  • Begins to question you about your faithfulness or becomes increasingly jealous
  • Change in sexual behavior - usually this decreases or ceases to exist
  • When he asks random questions about your relationship with him - (A guy is trying to place value on his relationship with you. He is questioning whether or not this mess that he is getting himself in is worth it because he is aware that he might lose it all. Questioning how you feel about him can help persuade him in his decision whether it be the right or wrong one)
  • Rarely takes phone calls in front of you
  • That gut feeling that tells every woman that her man may be cheating on her

These are just a few signs that I seen when my guy was dealing with another woman, of course like I said I played inspector gadget and got a hold of phone records, went through his cell phone and read text messages, etc. but all I did in the end was hurt myself. I had the feeling he was cheating, looked for clues or proof that he was cheating and made myself miserable and upset when my feelings were confirmed. Being on the receiving end of an unfaithful spouse is hard but it's something that you can overcome. The above signs are just a few signs that I personally seen but that doesn't mean your guy is cheating, you have to be your own judge. Follow your heart, follow your gut. A guy or woman will only do what you allow them to do and men cheat because women allow it. (If they are not being lied to also). So just take heed to what your heart tells you. What's done in the dark will always come to the light but never ignore that inner feeling that something may not be right, because it just might be true.

I know some may or may not agree with that last statement and I would love to hear your feedback on if you agree or disagree on whether you feel men cheat because women allow them to.

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