He Could Have Been My Child - Story of a Homeless Youth

Mundane and expected – parents approach the bittersweet final weekend of summer wanting to make sure the summer beach toys are put away, sleep schedules are being wound back and calculators are purchased in anticipation for what will be just another regular school year. And it isn’t just the parents who are focused on the fast approaching school year. Our kids are already lusting after the latest tech gadgets and gear, discussing dorm decor and obsessing over the outfit they will wear for their first day of school.

Well, most kids.

Today I met a young man who is not thinking about these things. His name is Nick. And because of random circumstances that most of us would take for granted, or ignore altogether, meeting him ended up being one of the most transformative experiences of my life.

Nick likes to read. He always has a book with him and recently plowed through the entire Harry Potter series – again. It was his favorite series from when he was my son’s age. Nick is now just 21, but still looks like he could be 16. He has a sweet smile, which softened the effect of a not too large tattoo on his left forearm, and even larger and unhealed holes from the gauges and plugs that he used to wear in his earlobes, I’m guessing.

Nick wolfed down his french onion soup but is allergic to many vegetables so removed the lettuce, tomato and onion off of his turkey and cheddar on focaccia sandwich that I had bought for him.

I had never met Nick before so it may seem odd that I decided to buy him lunch. But he had gone unnoticed by most of the passerby’s who walked between Barnes and Noble and Atlanta Bread Co. Maybe he had approached others, but his almost embarrassed sounding, soft spoken voice and direct look into my face made me pause.

“Excuse me Ma’am. Could you spare a dollar so I could get something to eat for breakfast?”

Without hesitating I replied:


It was already past noon.

“I don’t have any cash on me, but I have my credit card and was just about to get my son something to eat. Why don’t you come with us and I’ll buy you something to eat?”

He hadn’t expected my response. I could tell. He paused for a moment and his puppy dog brown eyes widened a bit.

“Really? That’s incredibly nice of you.”

Wow, soft spoken but articulate. Looks me directly in the eyes – hand touches his heart when he said it . . .

I couldn’t stop my brain from trying to process who this young man and how it was he could be standing in front of me like this. He looked so NORMAL. He was just a kid really. He was somebody’s baby.

(For the rest of this very important story and how YOU can help . . . visit www.Diva-Mama.com/story-of-nick)

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