He Hit Me!

You know the Declaration of Independence?!?!  We do love to shout it out from time to time!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

I do think people miss one IMPORTANT little word.  PURSUIT.  AND They THINK  ENTITLED to happiness.  There is a huge difference between entitled and pursue! HUGE!

In the end,It is up to us to pursue our happiness.  We can and do sabotage that pursuit.  In addition, we each to define our own happiness  differently.

Many of us, not ALL, but many, pursue MATERIAL items for happiness.

Some of us, mix it up!  A balance between MATERIAL and SPIRITUAL!

Some claim SPIRITUAL is there  aim but they live pretty darn good, so I do question the claim but I will leave it alone!

Anyway, since we all define happiness differently,it is nearly impossible to guarantee everyone WILL get their happiness, correct?

Oh, well, my husband every once in while reminds me that our goals for our happiness are the same.  To stay out of debt.  To slow down and enjoy life!  Meaning, I have to do ONE little thing!

STOP getting carried away with STUPID WANTS!  UGH!!

Yep, I admit it, I must examine my MATERIAL wish list.  I can get carried away with thinking, I MUST have the latest thingy, silly me!

Therefore I write up, the NEED VERSUS WANT list. Then, I do a heart to heart examination.  A good conscience look.  A Hard Look at those two lists. LET ME TELL YOU, It is NO FUN.


I don’t like it when my husband slaps me in the face with REALITY.  YUCK!

But, I Know he is right! Typically, I have already performed the fun task. I can feel when the time is coming for a Need vs. Want checkup LOL.  After, 25 years, you get good at knowing when a chore needs to be attacked but he still makes sure the task is completed thoroughly!

Love my husband.  He helps me remember the important stuff in life!!

Visiting the Need vs. Want list from time to time keeps me grounded!! Oh, and Happy :)

OUR Happy :)

Are you reaching your happy place?!?!

But I swear, I do try to somehow get these Christian Louboutin shoes on the NEED list, yet every time they end up the WANT list. DARN IT!

Do you have one special item on your WANT list?  Wait, do you even do this crazy thing, NEED vs. WANT  checkup, or just nutty me?


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