He Is With Me

Last week was really hard. But it is over and now it is a new day, a new week, a new year. And there have been several reminders already that I am not in this alone, that my Father loves me and is looking out for me.

I went to Mardel Friday, because I wanted to get Jesus Calling. Pastor Sal mentioned it last week, and I needed a new devotional. While I was there, I wandered around looking at the art. I like to do that - I am always looking for art wherever I go. I saw a nice canvas of Proverbs 3:5-6 on sale from $40 to $20. I figured whatever, I have a $5 coupon so I can do $15. Then I saw that the Jesus Calling in the leatherlike edition was only $10 instead of the $15 for the hardback edition, so I switched to the leatherlike one. Imagine my delight when the canvas rang up at $9.99!

Yesterday, I decided to go and try to find a glider rocker for my guest room (currently occupied by my cousin consulting for HP) so he could sit and work on his computer stuff somewhere besides the bed. I went to Babies R Us as I had seen some online that were reasonable and the ones at Target and Wal-Mart were all brown and tan. I got to talking to the fellow in the furniture department and explained that I really wanted a blue one, which was not available in-store. He said he would check for any stock which had been ordered and canceled for some reason. 

Lo and behold, he found a chair that had been forgotten about for a long time - long enough to go from an original price of FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS to clearance price of a hundred bucks and then lowered to THIRTY DOLLARS. And it rang up at THIRTY percent off for TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS!! For that price I can deal with beige. I can paint it.

So. God got my attention through my pocketbook. He will use what works, and right now I am pretty focused on the finances. I'm not saying by any means that I only listen when He blesses me financially. You have to admit though, that those kinds of things tend to make you pay attention. And I am working on listening, and saying out loud that I will trust Him with and through everything. 

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