Head and eye problems

Well, it has been a week today that I started having weird dizzy spells. Don't know what is causing them but I will be going to Drs tomorrow concerning them. The first spell happened in my sleep. I rolled over and suddenly it felt like the whole earth was spinning around. Same thing has happened from time to time during waking hours. I am often light headed and sometimes when I bend over I get a dizzy spell and start to black out.

I am thinking it may have something to do with my eyes. The Fibromyalgia often makes my eyes feel strained and that causes headaches. I have several pairs of glasses that I switch back and forth using depending how my eyes are feeling. Sometimes I will get eye strain when wearing one pair of glasses and change to another, there are two Rx glasses and two Dollar Store glasses. I do a lot of drawing so I am figuring that my eyes are acting up due to this. I take breaks from time to time to rest my eyes but that doesn't seem to help. I hope we get to the bottom of this soon, I'm tired of all these symptoms!

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