WE BUILT THIS! Celebrating 10 Years of Power, Heart, and Change With BlogHer's Anniversary #Selfiebration!

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I'm not one for the subtle windup, so I'm just going to go ahead and shout: HOLY HANNAH! IT IS BLOGHER’s 10TH ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE IN JUST 11 SHORT WEEKS.


But seriously, I'm a huge believer that life’s milestones deserve to be counted and honored, and BlogHer’s 10th anniversary is no different, because it’s actually a milestone of the entire history of blogging and what we’ve all built, together—not least of which is the BlogHer Annual Conference, which our fearless founders often call the "conference the community built." And that community, that history, was also built by YOU. And you. And you and you and you. And yes, even you, who just started a blog last week. What’s that? You’re starting it tomorrow? Yes, you too.

This kind of collective awesome—the bravery, creativity and ingenuity—deserves a celebration. But we’re going to do that one better: We’re making it a Selfiebration.

Join BlogHer's 10th Anniversary Selfiebration

And this Selfiebration goes way deeper than how you capture your essence in a photo (though we love a good selfie, of course). Because let's be clear: Your SELF is the true power of blogging. Every day when you sit down at your computer and decide what you want to say, what you want to make, what you want to share, you discover your best and bravest self and bring it into sharp focus—yes, for all to see, but most important, for you to see for yourself. For your self.

That incredible feeling of warmth and tingly love we feel at blogging conferences is not just because of our blogging friends. It is because, through our blogs, we are able to become ever more ourselves, and have that most authentic self, that talented self, that creative or hurting or passionate or scared or hilarious self, validated and yes, celebrated, over and over and over again. In discovering our tribes—and how many tribes we actually belong in—we come to understand that our selves are way more powerful than we might have thought.

Yes, even after 10 years, the power of blogging is not fading. Our voices still matter, and not just for the Voices of the Year. Our connections still matter, and not just for the friendships we make. Our photos matter, and not just the #365feministselfies. The whole of it—creating a new way of sharing, a new way of telling stories, a new way to be a part of media, a new way to connect with brands, a new way to disrupt the old ways—is bigger than we can even fully see and understand right now, because it is happening every day, with us in smack-dab in the middle.

Those changes are some seriously good stuff, the kind of forces that create new attitudes that can shift cultures, build better societies, launch new industries. And yes, change the world. You did that. Are doing that. And we're going to throw the party that marks the big damn deal that all of the above is.

But we're not waiting till July. Oh, no: In the weeks leading up to (and during!) BlogHer’14, we will be hosting the biggest Selfiebration ever. Starting RIGHT NOW.

The BlogHer Community #Selfiebration kicks off today, and we invite you to join us, to take part in a 10-week content event that will take a look at where we started, what we’ve built, the mistakes we’ve laughed at, the memories we’ve so lovingly created, and more. We think of it is an internet-wide lovefest, soapbox, and time machine, and we hope you'll take part. Every week, we will be publishing posts that fit the following categories, all under the hashtag #Selfiebration. And we'll be serving up prompts and asking for you to link up on topics that inspire you to write your own memories.

Get ready for:

  • Look backs! On topics from why you started blogging to the best friend you ever made on the Internet
  • Deep thoughts! On what's behind us and what's next
  • Sneak peeks (from BlogHer's 10x10 keynote speakers from the community)
  • A bit of BlogHerstory (including stories of what happened That First Conference)
  • A lot of reasons to get pumped, about blogging, about the community and about yourself.
  • Oh, and maybe a giveaway or two as well.

So click to grab your personalized #Selfiebration badge here! Yes, you can put your SELF in this badge, get it? Here's what mine looks like. (You must be logged into BlogHer and have a profile photo uploaded to get a personalized badge.)

Or, if you prefer to go incognito, grab badge #2 below. And be sure to check in regularly at our Selfiebration page for the or prompts, linkups, news and other good stuff. Or, subscribe to BlogHer Daily and/or BlogHer's Conferences newsletters, to get the #Selfiebration updates in your in-box. We'll be featuring our favorite #selfiebration content created by YOU in those newsletters, along with other great info and awesomeness made by you.

So pat yourself on the back. You did this. And you are doing it, every day. BlogHer is just so proud to have been a part of it, and to have worked alongside you, every step of the way.

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I Joined the Selfiebration

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