I've been having headaches since I was a child. My mother would take me to see many doctors only to have pain killers and allergy medicine prescribed. Unfortunately, whether it be tylenol or advil or allergy medicine nothing worked. So of course there came the MRI and CatScans and nothing was found. As I became an adult I decided to stop taking whatever doctors prescribed. I kept a diary of my headaches. I finally figured out what my problem was, and too be sure of my DIY self-diagnosis, lol, I looked for a specialist to confirm my discovery.

My headaches begin just before a low pressure arrives. It begins a few hours to 12 hours before the arrival. It starts with fatigue with a sickish feeling. Then mild sinus headche will follow a few hours later and will develope into a major sinus headache. The pain will be from the forehead to the cheek bones and down to the upper teeth. After a while the headache will expand to the entire head and into the neck. There is no cure for this. As the specialist put it, I am a human barometer. I can predict bad weather. Depending on how one would look at it, it could be a blessing or a curse. These types of headaches can literally disable a person. It can affect your job or daily tasks.

Because I was born with it, I have learned to live with and around it. I don't plan events too much because of the headaches. I can't work for anyone (have a normal job) because no employers will put up with someone unable to work. So I work for myself which is often not easy.

It would be interesting to see how many bloghers actually have the same symptoms?


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